Music at Home Curriculum

Music at Home for Homeschool Families

Music at Home for Homeschool Families Mother and child sharing a special moment

The Music at Home homeschool music curriculum gives families a repertoire of songs that will encourage young children to sing, as well as to engage in the natural world around them. It introduces them to music that, while developmentally appropriate, will help expand their musical vocabulary, and will be of interest to the entire family.

Learning to make music is no mystery.  We learn from what we're exposed to in our daily lives. Learning music is just like learning any other skill.  When we're immersed in a rich musical environment, we learn music.  The children of musicians who grow up to be fabulous musicians themselves may have inherited some musical genes from their parents, but they also grew up in an environment where music was a constant.  This is something you can provide for your own child, regardless of how much past experience with music you may have had. 

Kids' Jam is fun!

Music at Home will give your homeschooling family songs to weave into your daily life, and tools to make music-making an integral part of the family experience.  Sing with your child, explore instruments, and move to the rhythm of the music.  When you listen to music, listen actively: sing along, play along, and let loose and dance!  The biggest key is to enjoy yourself. When you're having fun, it reinforces your child's natural love of music. 

You and your child will learn story songs, silly songs, quiet songs and boisterous singing games - songs you can share with your friends and extended family members.  There are songs with solfège verses built in to promote ear training.  The songs may also be tied into the homeschool academic curriculum in such areas as earth sciences (including botany, biology, ecology and environmental studies), social sciences (history, cultural studies), and character education.

The curriculum is divided into three levels. Each level is divided into 4 seasons, so families can focus on learning a few songs at a time. The curriculum includes recordings of all songs and singing games, song pages with melody, lyrics and chords for all songs, instructions for singing games and other notes. For each of the Fall, Winter, and Spring seasons, families are provided with 10 weekly lesson plans and support videos of ear training exercises and more. Additional songs and singing games are provided for the Summer season.

Levels 1 through 3 are available for family use now. Please contact Lui directly with inquiries - see contact link under Materials and Ordering Info.

Comments from Homeschoolers

Our family participated in Lui's classes for years. We had a blast! Our family life was so enriched by having these gorgeous songs, and the games that accompany them, embedded in our day to day routines. We laughed, played, danced, made up songs, and messed around with instruments on an ongoing basis. And, while having so much fun during those years, my son developed - without even realizing it - a very strong foundation of musical skills. Today my son is acknowledged for his excellent sense of pitch and rhythm. He sings with confidence and has made quick progress on learning to play the piano and recorder. I am sure that all the ear training, movement and overall immersion in rich music that Lui provided during his early years are fundamental aspects of his musical proficiency today.

- Greta, Tarakayn's mom

Great program! I give it five stars! Loved the singing games! Lui is nice.

- Tarakayn, former student, age 9

We did all of Music Together with Lui and I had hoped to do the same with Kids Jam. But when my children started school and joined sports, getting to class became difficult. I was really excited about the prospect of Music at Home. Lui is such a talented musician, wonderful teacher and beautiful spirit. Now we get to bring her into our home via technology. We can adjust the class to our personal needs, giving everyone two turns or singing a song through one more time if the mood strikes. It has been a blessing for my family.

- Carrie, parent