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Upside-Up's Music at Home is a comprehensive homeschool curriculum for early elementary students. It is based on the Kids' Jam program taught by Upside-Up in mixed-age classes, but is arranged in 3 levels of progressive difficulty for use by homeschooling families. The 3 Levels can be used for Kindergarten through 2nd grade or for 1st through 3rd grades. The weekly lessons can be adapted to include younger and/or older siblings so the whole family can participate and learn the songs and singing games together.

The Music at Home curriculum can be used in schools by classroom teachers or music specialists. The curriculum can also be used by families whose children attend school, as an adjunct to music classes given in school.

All materials are delivered electronically, and include MP3's of songs, PDF's of a Songbook and Parent Introduction, and weekly lesson plans with links to online support videos. The Music at Home Songbook includes song pages with lyrics, melody and chords, notes on the songs and singing game instructions. An extensive introduction for the parents gives information on how children learn music, and background on the various elements that comprise the Upside-Up curriculum.

Ten weekly lesson plans are provided for Fall, Winter, and Spring seasons. Each week there are supplementary support videos with ear training exercises, in both Solfège, with Curwen Hand Signs, and rhythm patterns. The Summer season comes with song MP3's and workbook song pages.

Levels 1 through 3 are now available.

Upside-Up's Music at Home songbook cover - Level 1 Spring

Upside-Up's Music at Home Level 1

Music at Home Levels 1 through 3 are now available. You can register for one season at $40 for Fall, Winter or Spring and $25 for Summer, or for a full 4-season Level 1, 2 or 3 curriculum for $100.

MP3's of the songs, PDF's of the Songbooks and Parent Introductions, and weekly Lesson Plans with links to online videos are all delivered electronically.

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